KASB high performance aluminium products are made from alloy, which contains properties remarkably ideal for building construction.

  • Durability
    The properties remain intact over a long service life, even after being recycled. The aluminium products are weatherproof and corrosion-resistant. They do not absorb moisture, does not swell, shrink, split or crack and do not require special protection from ultra-violet light or termites. This means that they require virtually no maintenance other than general cleaning for aesthetic purposes.
  • Design Flexibility
    KASB aluminium products can be fabricated to suit modern and contemporary designs. KASB aluminium products can also be anodized and painted to enhance its appearance and to strengthen its performance properties.
  • High strength to weight ratio.
    KASB aluminium products are made of lightweight material, allowing for fast and economic installation. Despite its lightweight advantage, KASB aluminium products offer strength properties comparable with alternative metal façade panels.
  • Thermal performance.
    KASB aluminium products are designed with thermal break to produce thermally efficient windows.
  • Security and Safety
    KASB aluminium products are classified as non-combustible material. Being made from metal, it is strong and does not burn. Also, the aluminium products do not release harmful combustible gases in event of fire.


  • KASB aluminium products can be fabricated to meet the precise design requirement of a project.
  • Its lightweight property makes installation a quick and easy process.
  • KASB aluminium products’ comparable high strength and rigidity ensures that whilst remaining slim, the product retains its structure under normal loads. This is particularly valued in high-rise buildings where stability is essential for windows, claddings and facades.
  • KASB aluminium products last a lifetime, yet they require only minimal maintenance.

Cost Savings

KASB aluminium products are made to last a lifetime yet remain functional and attractive. KASB aluminium products are made to save costs.

  • Long service life.
    KASB aluminium products are high performance lifetime products. The material is durable, weatherproof and corrosion-resistant. It requires virtually no maintenance, which is a major cost advantage over the lifetime of the product.
  • Energy saving.
    KASB aluminium products are designed for high level of thermal insulation, which translates to cost savings in energy costs.
  • Light weight High Strength properties.
    KASB products’ lightweight and high strength results in low loads to a building’s supporting structures and reduces the dimensions required for support structures. This translates to lower building costs. Its lightweight characteristics also mean that it is faster, easier and more economical to install.
  • Sub-frame system
    KASB high performance aluminium windows and doors use a sub-frame system, which allows for wet works to be completed prior to installation of windows and doors. This means that there will be less damage to doors and windows and less wastage of material.


KASB aluminium products offer architects and engineers unparalleled design flexibility. KASB aluminium products can be fabricated to a wide range of profile shapes and designs.

In addition KASB aluminium products can be anodized or painted with a wide range of fade-free surface finish colours, to meet the decorative requirement of the project and to enhance the durability of the product. KASB aluminium products are functional works of art.







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