Khalid Aluminium developed the KASB 38 Series and 43 Series High Performance Aluminium products in 1985, together with an Italian fabricator.

The KASB 38 Series and 43 Series use aluminium sub-frames with all round silicone seal to prevent leakage. The sub-frame system also allows all wet works to be completed before the installation of the aluminium windows and doors, thus preventing dents and scratches to windows and doors. The KASB system has a 2-point concealed locking design that seals the top and bottom of the window to keep out external noise and improves security.

The KASB system is developed to be highly durable, low maintenance, yet stylish. Unlike timber window and door systems, KASB aluminium systems are not subject to leakage, rusting, sagging, or colour fading. The KASB Curved Profile gives customers the best of both worlds: the look of timber, and the durability of aluminium.

Customers have responded well to the KASB 38 Series and 43 Series, as it offers them a leak proof, soundproof, a secure, and stylish window and door system.

KASB High Performance Aluminium Products have been in the market for over 16 years, and have been incorporated into numerous and various buildings, both local and overseas. Thus proving that KASB products are indeed lifetime products.






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